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          Perfume.org  >  About Us

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          About Us

          Perfume.org is an informational website for anyone interested in perfume. This site is dedicated solely to fragrance and its role in our lives. We want Perfume.org to be a place where you come to learn about perfume, read the latest industry news, reviews and articles, and add your own two "scents" by registering and writing fragrance reviews of your own.

          Here's what you will find at Perfume.org:
          • Regular news updates covering the fragrance industry (including celebrity fragrance news)
          • A database chock full of fragrances where we welcome your personal reviews and comments
          • A growing list of fragrance and perfume reviews, written by our team of writers and readers like you
          • Useful health and beauty tips
          • Regular feature articles that offer fragrance tips, gift ideas, and more
          • Nice folks
          We want Perfume.org to be more than just a website for information. We see an ever-evolving and interactive community of fragrance enthusiasts who are just as excited about fragrance as we are. We are thrilled about the content possibilities, especially with such cool technology at our fingertips.

          We hope you will find our site useful. Please feel free to communicate any suggestions or feedback to us by sending an e-mail to info@perfume.org. You can also subscribe to our Twitter feed here.

          Thank you for visiting Perfume.org,

          Wendy Maxey
          Content Manager

          Perfume.org is a content site owned and operated by FragranceNet.com.

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